API, Data Feed and CRM Integration

Our industry-leading online platform isn’t the only way to access the alternative assets industry's best data. If you require a more specialized solution, we can deliver real-time data direct to your in-house systems via an API, data feed or by integrating with your third-party CRM.

Preqin Data Delivered to Your Systems


Flexible, on-demand data

Data Feed

Pre-defined customized data deliveries

CRM Integration

Third-party software solutions

Why Choose a Custom Data Delivery Solution?

Streamline your operations

A flexible API or customized data feed could revolutionise the way you work, removing the need for individual data downloads and laborious data entry procedures. An integrated data solution can save valuable time and enable quicker, more comfortable data manipulation within your existing in-house systems.

Access data in real time

You can access the data you need in real time or have it updated at agreed intervals. With up to date data at your fingertips, your firm can make decisions based on the most accurate information available.

Whatever data you need

Hundreds of data points from across our databases are available, covering fund managers, investors, funds, fundraising, performance, deals, exits, assets, service providers and much more.


As truly bespoke delivery methods, API and data feed solutions require a developer to implement data integration. Our new Developer Portal offers developers the opportunity to sign up, register apps, read documentation outlining the API’s capabilities and even test it out for themselves.

If your daily operations include the use of third-party software, then a developer-free route may be more appropriate for your needs. Preqin data is currently available through Allocator, Backstop Solutions, Dynamo Software, Foliometrics, Imagineer Technology Group, AlternativeSoft, Navatar and Altvia.

To find out more about our bespoke data solutions, please register your interest and we will be in touch.