Preqin Pro

Venture Capital

Our innovative online platform, Preqin Pro, gives you the in-depth insight and intelligence you need to make data-led decisions in venture capital.

Stay ahead of the market

Our industry relationships, strengthened over the past 15 years, mean we know more about what goes on in the market than anyone else, including newly formed firms, fund launches and the plans of investors.

360° overview of the venture capital industry

We provide a transparent view of venture capital across all stages:

  • Investors, fund performance, firms, funds, fund terms, deals and exits, service providers and more


Why Preqin Pro?

  • Comprehensive, timely, global data
  • Intelligence on future activity obtained direct from investors
  • Fast, easy-to-use analytical tools
  • Customizable platform aligned to your workflow
  • 24-hour customer support

How we help you

Our comprehensive data and analytics tools help you to:

  • Achieve a successful fundraise
  • Find and assess new investment opportunities
  • Build your network and develop new business
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the market
  • Keep ahead of your competition
  • Prepare for pitches

What's included:

profiles, data and intelligence

Institutional Investors

Future investment plans, allocations, active fund searches, past commitments, direct contact details and preferred method of approach.


Investment strategy and focus, target size, closes, performance and key contacts.


The largest venture capital dataset of named funds, giving users the ability to customize market benchmarks to suit their needs.

Deals and Exits

All deals globally, including deal value, new/returning/lead/co-lead investors, total known company funding, financial and legal advisors, exit details and more.

Service Providers

Fund manager relationships, funds raised, deals facilitated, buyer and seller relationships and contact information.

Investment Consultants

Client lists, services offered and key contacts.