Who We Help

Industry Associations

Inform, engage and grow your member community

We work extensively with industry associations seeking to support and grow their member base with access to best-in-class alternative assets data, insights and tools.


Strengthen and build your member network

Identify new business opportunities with our comprehensive data on managers, funds, investors and service providers. Complement your pitches with industry data and stay relevant to existing members by referring to the most complete and accurate information available.

Elevate your research

Conduct research and perform in-depth analysis to deepen your understanding of the market. Publish research and share insights that add value and help to foster learning among your members.

Add market insights to presentations and event agendas

Incorporate the latest charts and data into event slides. Bring presentations to life and captivate your audience with unique insights and timely real-world examples.

Partner with Preqin

Preqin works with globally-recognized institutions and associations to address complex challenges in the alternative assets industry. Partnering with Preqin can provide a range of benefits including special discounts for members of associations, customized data requests and support for events. If you would you like to explore a partnership, get in touch with us here.