Who We Help

Investment Consultants

Make the right recommendations to your clients

We make sure you know about every potential investment opportunity in alternatives and help you to find new business prospects.

Find the right option for your clients

Keep track of all available investment opportunities. Screen funds to find those that are the right fit for your clients using our in-depth information on funds and their managers.

Provide ongoing client support

Be confident you are advising your clients well by referring to the most complete and accurate information available. Place their portfolios within the context of the broader market.

Source new business

Keep track of the consultants investors work with. Identify new business prospects to target and complement your pitches with industry data and a deeper knowledge of investors. Get alerted to new investor searches for consultants and new business your competitors secure.

Keep informed about the market

Find out which asset classes, strategies and sectors are of most interest to investors and assess risk and returns.