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Data for better investment decisions

Our unrivalled global data, products and insights allow you to actively and efficiently analyze fund performance, benchmark your portfolio, discover investment opportunities and stay on top of market developments.

Benchmark your portfolio

Benchmark funds and your portfolio against the largest dataset of fund returns available for an improved understanding of your portfolio's performance. Utilize customizable benchmarks, PMEs, quarterly indices and horizon returns.

Screen the fundraising market for future winners

View all funds open to investment globally and filter by fund type, geographic focus and past performance. Filter managers offering managed accounts, co-investments and other alternative structures and discover the best opportunities for your firm.

Evaluate fund managers

Equip yourself before meetings and due diligence efforts with comprehensive fund manager profiles, including holdings and deal activity, lead partners and track records.

Understand industry trends

Keep informed about the latest trends and industry developments. Find out which asset classes, strategies and sectors are of most interest, and utilize historical data to better understand market movements.