Who We Help

Placement Agents & Third-Party Marketers

Broaden your network and build the best pitch

We help you achieve fundraising success by providing unparalleled insight into the investor universe, and a comprehensive view of current and historical fundraising environments.

Raise capital for your clients

Find investors searching for investment opportunities like yours. Build your pitch with comprehensive intelligence on their plans, past commitments and strategy preferences, and use our in-depth industry data to place your clients' funds in context within the broader fundraising market to prove they offer the best opportunity to potential investors.

Strengthen your existing network

Keep track of your investor network. Be the first to know about new fund searches and mandates, capital distributions, new commitments and key personnel changes. View their deal exposure through underlying commitments and track historical changes in strategy, past investments and portfolio performance.

Stay ahead of the market and your competition

Learn about recent and anticipated fund launches and closes before your competition. Find out what is currently attracting investor attention and gain insight into their key concerns and expectations. Track your competition's recent fund closures, investor commitments, and recent client wins and losses.